Hair Rune Beads


Hair Rune Beads


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In the old Norse beliefs, these runes represent the different gods and important attributes for life. The world of Midgard worshiped the gods of Asgard. The all-father, Odin was the King of Asgard and had two sons, Thor and Loki.

Odin had two ravens that were sent to spy on Midgard called, Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory). These would report back to Odin about all the activities they would have seen us humans do. Wearing these runes, one can call upon the gods for their help and protection in times of need. Representing one of these attributes is said to please the gods and can help achieve your goals.
Each purchase is a single rune, which is selectable from the list above. If you have any questions about these runes and what they stand for then drop us a message and we are happy to help and assist.

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Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions1.2 × 0.9 × 0.9 cm

A – Ansuz (Odin), B – Berkana (Birth), C, K, Q – Kaunaz (Fire), D – Dagaz (Dawn), E – Ehwaz (Horse), F – Fehu (Frey), G – Gebo (Gift), H – Hagalaz (Air), I – Isa (Ice), J – Jera (Earth), L – Laguz (Water), M – Mannaz (Man), N – Nauthiz (Necessity), O – Othila (Ancestral), P – Peorth (Hearth), R – Radio (Wheel), S – Sowulo (Sun), T – Teiwaz (Victory), U – Uruz (Power), V, W – Wunjo (Joy), X, TH – Thurisaz (Thor), Y – Eiwaz (Death), Z – Algiz (Protection), NG – Ingus (Fertility

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  1. valhallauk

    Awesome little beads that are the perfect size for long hair or beards!

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